Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi all

Winter is here and it has been very cold the past week or so. Chris and I have mostly been staying inside where it is warm and cozy.
Though last Sunday, we decided to walk to the grocery store just a couple blocks away to get some groceries. Big mistake!! It was -50 with the windchill and 3 blocks felt like 3 miles. My bananas turned black because of the cold!
So now we just stay inside and play nintendo...

Despite all of my nintendo playing, I have also managed to sew a few new toys in the past couple of weeks. Here is one that I sewed for a couple of friends. I made it with felt eyes so that it is safe for babies.
His name is little shadow and he is a shy and suspicious little fellow. He is also a friendly chap though, and with a bit of patience (and some chocolate), he can become a sweet, adoring little companion.

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