Friday, January 16, 2009

Carousel Horse

This week the Bay in downtown Winnipeg was selling off some of their old display merchandise. There was a lot of junk and some real treasures to pick through. The Bay downtown has been around for a very long time and it is definitely treasure trove of old junk. Chris and I picked up an old carousel horse at the sale. Unfortunately, the Bay painted over the original paint with gaudy gold paint but it will make for a fun project to restore it to its former glory. I am looking forward to painting it!
My Dad bought the other horse that I am standing with. We are planning on painting them together.
The horses are really big so it should keep us busy for awhile. :)


Chrissy P. said...

So cool!! I am so jealous, they are beautiful! Have fun!

Grumble Toy said...

Thanks Chrissy!
I have been slowly working away on one of them to try to restore the original paint. It is a slow task but I think it is going to look pretty cool when I'm done. I'll have to post pictures of it when I am a little farther along.