Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Takiyaje doll

Well, my Takiyaje doll arrived in Canada and it is just as beautiful in person as in the photos! I am so amazed at Lubov's attention to detail. She is truly a gifted doll maker.

The doll was made by Lubov Nalogina of Russia. You can see more of her creations here on her live journal photo blog.


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely.
Is there a place where all these doll makers are showcased?

I am into doll making but of the digital variety :), you may have heard of my website

Grumble Toy said...

I just tend to come across dolls and toys that I like through random searches, but there are some forums out there where doll makers can showcase their work.

Your site is really neat. I had never heard of digital dolls before. What a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful doll!