Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grumble bears

 Here are some of the bears that Chris and I have been busy making.  They are all made of mohair.  They each have 5 cotter pin joints and they are stuffed with wood wool and steel shot.  For any of you that are Grumble Toy fans you may think it is a bit odd that we are making teddy bears.  Mostly we are known for the vinyl characters that we have been making.  However, as well as collecting vinyl toys, we also collect mohair bears.  I have been making plush toys for some time now but had always wanted to make my own mohair animals.
It has been a lot of fun making these bears and I am really excited about the possibilities.  I am really hoping to adapt my bonhomme and forest gremlin patterns into jointed mohair toys.
This is the second bear that I made.  It is more of a cat really.  It has slit pupil glass eyes and thread whiskers.
This is the very first bear that I made.  I am pleased with how it turned out.  
This is the little bear that Chris made.  I love his ears!  Chris did a great job.  Can you believe he never really sewed anything before?!
This tiny guy is the third bear that I made.  He is so small.  About the size of Wormrah!!  I think that I will make one similar again but with a few little changes maybe.

Grumble Toy

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